Now live: Update 1.4.2 – VOIP

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With this update we’re introducing cross-platform VoIP, something that’s been a major request from our players. We’re also launching on one more platform.

New features

  • Cross-platform VoIP is now a thing in Wands and we’ve taken our time to make sure it’s a grand experience.
  • VoIP can be enabled on the blackboard. Make sure to allow microphone access rights for Wands.
  • We’re releasing Wands in China on a second platform, this time it’s for Xiaomi Mi VR. Available now.

Game balancing

  • Removed Armor buff for Blood Bolt, it now has a consistent cost of 2 hp / bolt.
  • Reduced Chilling Clutch debuff duration from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • Removed cast cost for Dragon’s Breath and increased mana cost per second from 10 to 15.
  • Lowered Lightning Strike charge cost from 15 to 10 mana.
  • Blazing Meteor now deals 12.5 splash damage, regardless of distance to target.

Bug fixes

  • Some animations in the workshop were wrong, they now should look amazing.
  • We resolved some problems with the internationalized versions of Wands.
  • Fixed issue where Twins would cause freezing at the start of a match.
  • Fixed issue where you could add spells to a closed wand in the Workshop.
  • Ortus signs are now correctly rotated.
  • Warden animations now sync properly for both players.
  • Reflected Lightning Strikes now deal damage to their own caster.
  • Dealing damage to a Twin can no longer deal damage to their caster.
  • GearVR/GO: Coordinated app launch now works as intended.
  • GearVR/GO: Invite friend now works as intended.

Now live: – New character: Komuso

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Komuso rules the Beyond combining his samurai past with his present as a Wielder. He hides his true identity through his straw bascinet previously given by his master.

Komuso’s Story

After losing his teacher as a samurai, Komuso became masterless and was thrust into despair and agony. Living on the streets as a beggar, Komuso began his search anew for a fulfilled life. In this desperate search, Komuso found his calling in the Beyond and the many wonders it had to offer. He now lives and breathes for the taste of magic and hides his true identity through his straw bascinet previously given by his teacher.

Bug fixes

Earned points should now properly be reflected in your score

We’ve improved on the connection issues some players have been experiencing

Fixed login issue on Daydream

Update now live

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With the recent release of our major update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir we’ve since then been hard at work improving on the feedback we’ve received, not to mention all the extensive QA we’ve done internally.

Today we’re happy to share that we’ve just now pushed out a new update to all our supported platforms that will vastly improve overall experience. Make sure you update to as soon as possible.

As always, there might be a bit of a delay before you’re given the option to update on some of our platforms.

Full patch notes below. See you in The Beyond.


  • Our new arena Sanctum of Sahir should now offer a much more smooth experience across all devices
  • Reduced the difficulty of Survival mode

Bug fixes

  • The pausing player can no longer cast spells before their opponent
  • You should no longer encounter invisible opponents when playing in our new arena Sanctum of Sahir
  • The endless loading screen is no more
  • Sometimes the practice hall wouldn’t load for the first time, it will now
  • The locked loadout button should not be possible to interact with
  • Acid Cloud now sound as it should again
  • Disc of Antioch should no longer have sync problems
  • Multiple graphical fixes

Season 6 now live

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The summer season (6) of Wands is now live and the leaderboard should now be completely reset.

We’re excited to see how season 6 will turn out with our new update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir in mind.

There’s definitely many things that have changed and should shake up things a bit.

See you in The Beyond!