Wands Update 1.6.3 is Live!

Wands Update 1.6.3 is Live!

Wands Update 1.6.3 is Live! 2560 1400 Occy

We’re excited to announce a new Wands patch!

This update is loaded with improvements based on player feedback. For example, some people thought the AI was too easy, but other people thought it was too hard … so we built a super easy AI, a ridiculously hard AI, and added a few more options in between! There are plenty more improvements and bug fixes to be found in this patch, but its main purpose is to build a solid foundation for the bigger and better updates that are coming later this year! We’re very excited about the future of Wands, and we hope you are too. See you in the Beyond!

New Features
-Added multiple AI difficulty levels that the player can choose from
-Added support for Windows Mixed Reality controllers

Improved Features
-New tiles added to Halls, Ortus, and Sanctum
-Tile location tweaks on Aspis, Halls, Ortus, Vale, and Sanctum for improved LOS
-Reduced 6DoF recentering time from 1s to 0.5s
-Tile boundary is always visible on your current tile for 6DoF platforms
-Tutorial won’t automatically restart after reinstalling the game
-Added additional connection messages for the Workshop portal
-The AI now defends itself more effectively against several spells
-The AI is now less proficient with Shield and Dome at low difficulty levels
-Improved controls for Valve Index controllers
-Electric Fist’s VFX were changed on Quest to reduce framerate issues

Game Balancing
-Curse of the Undead – Reduced duration from 15s to 10s
-Disc of Antioch – Increased cost from 35 to 40, increased cooldown to 0.5s between shots
-Cerberus Collars – Are now limited to 1 active at a time for each player

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue where Prison could lock a summon in place if cast on another tile in quick succession
-Fixed issue where casting Twins could block further spell casting
-Teleport beacons no longer stay active when releasing the Teleport button outside your boundary
-6DoF players can no longer cast spells before the match starts by pausing/unpausing the game or by stepping out and into their play area
-Fixed issue where Disc could sometimes get inside Dome
-Fixed incorrect hints on the Monolith
-Mana now properly regenerates faster during the last minute of the match
-Fixed lighting issue behind the Workshop Portal that created weird shadows
-Fixed issue that prevented Teleporting to distant tiles on Sanctum
-6DoF players can no longer cast spells through the floor
-Gamepad is no longer recognized as valid input on Quest
-Fixed issue where the AI could grab pickups while casting spells
-Fixed issue where Lightning sometimes failed to deal damage on Ortus
-Fixed issue where two walls were invisible from certain tiles on Temple
-Fixed issue where player’s position dropped when standing on Aspis elevator as match ended
-Fixed issue where Assassin’s picture was briefly visible when unlocking any other character