Wands Dual Wielding Update (1.7.0)

Wands Dual Wielding Update (1.7.0)

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Wands Update – Version 1.7.0

After listening to lots of useful community feedback, we at Cortopia Studios have enhanced certain gameplay aspects of Wands, aiming to increase the game’s accessibility, pace, and depth.

(1) Player Movement

Aside from various bug fixes and spell balancing changes, we improved the inverse kinematics, which means your opponent will appear to move more naturally. We also enlarged the playable space to VR’s room scale standard. This creates a more immersive experience since you can move more freely without going out of bounds. All levels have been reworked to accommodate the larger tiles, and the tile locations have been optimized.

(2) Dual Wielding

The main feature we are introducing with Version 1.7.0, is dual wielding. This addition will allow players to wield a Wand in each hand! The community has made it clear that they want the off-hand to be more useful, and we are thrilled to finally make it happen. Being able to do different things with two hands independently from each other is a big change. It allows for new ways to mix and match spells, and it paves the way for new tactics and strategies to emerge and evolve.

(3) Controls

The new mechanics also make it easier to cast spells, and the controls have been simplified for all dual wielding controllers. We have spent the last couple months working on the patch and refining the new controls with the help of beta testers. Previously, players had to select and use their spells with different buttons, which many new players found cumbersome. The new system allows for more instantaneous gameplay. Now, you can unleash havoc at the press of a button, rather than using analogue inputs.

The patch goes live on all supported platforms July 9th, 2020. The dual wielding feature will be available for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Cosmos, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Unfortunately, we have to discontinue updates for Gear VR, as the Oculus SDK Wands uses is not supported. The final update for Gear VR will be Version Gear VR players who purchased the game prior to this announcement can request a free copy of the game on any other supported platform (within one month of this announcement).

Full 1.7.0 patch notes:

New Feature

  • Added Dual Wand control scheme for Quest, Rift, Vive, Index, Cosmos, and WMR. Players can now use a wand in each hand

Improved Features

  • Tile size increased to room scale

  • Improved IK (your opponent’s character moves more naturally)

  • Improved AI animations

  • Acid Cloud now gives a clear visual warning before inflicting damage

  • Petrifying Prison’s base has been removed for improved visibility

  • Petrifying Prison now animates

  • 6DoF opponent’s wands point in the exact directions they’re aiming

Game Balancing

  • Hail of Death – Fire rate increased 50%

  • Blood Bolt – Projectile speed increased 65%

  • Chilling Clutch – Projectile speed increased 35%

  • Magic Missile – Cost per charged missile increased from 10 to 12

  • Electric Fist – Projectile count reduced from 8 to 7

  • Pickups take an additional 1.5s to collect for dual wielding players

  • Mana regen for 3DoF players is now 2/s faster (17/s total)

Bug Fixes

  • Newly unlocked relics do not lay down on the shelf

  • Relic icon does not pop out of relic when it’s being unlocked

  • Warden’s arm no longer rests on the Aspis elevator tile

  • The Aspis elevator tile’s hitbox is now the correct size

  • Hours and minutes are now correctly spaced on the events board

  • In-game menu is no longer tilted downward

  • Player’s feet no longer drag after recentering

  • And many more!

We hope you will enjoy these changes, and we are looking forward to hearing more of your feedback for future improvements!