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Introducing the new workshop

Introducing our brand new workshop Our engineers, construction workers and wizards have been hard at work creating a brand new workshop. We’ve basically rebuilt the…

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The Sanctum of Sahir

New Arena: The Sanctum of Sahir A new arena has been discovered in the Beyond! This map features 3 separate sections that the duel will progress through…

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A Tale of Two Wands Updates

Hello fans of Wands, My name is Ryan Bednar and I recently joined the team at Cortopia as the Creative Director of the studio. Now…

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Wands – Patch 1.3.9 Now Live

Fresh out the Wands factory, we’ve just released our new update 1.3.9. With this update there’s several performance improvements, balance changes and bug fixes. Improvements…

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Wands with positional tracking now on Daydream’s Mirage

Wands is now available and can be enjoyed with 6dof on Google Daydream’s Lenovo Mirage Solo. Wands has true positional tracking available right now. The…

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Wands, launch title on Oculus Go

We’re super excited to share the news that Wands is now available on the brand new Oculus Go. Easily enter the beyond in Wands with…

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New Wands website

We’re happy to announce our brand new Wands website. Some of the improvements: Vastly improved discovery across all devices; desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Basically you…

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CEO Spotlight with Andreas Skoglund

We’ve talked with our CEO, Andreas Skoglund to hear about his daily life as CEO, dreams and best practices. Hi Andreas! Welcome and thanks for…

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Ready Wielder One

Ready Wielder One Ready Wielder One brings forth in-game tournament, sales, new trailer and much more. Read all about it right here.     The…

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Season 4 Winners

Announcing the winners of Season 4! Season 4 is now over and we’re excited to announce the top 10 winners below. Also as announced in…

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Wands – Patch 1.3.7 Now Live!

Patch 1.3.7 is now live, and adds several new features and updates, including two new spells; Chilling Clutch and Skull Specter. Along with this we’re…

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Season 4 Announcement

Announcing the end of Season 4! The year is 1890. Under assembly in our top secret Wands Factory, few know of its location, only that…

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