Update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir Now Available

Update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir Now Available

Update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir Now Available 1536 864 Cortopia

We’re excited to announce that our brand new update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir is now available.

The update will be rolled out across all our supported platforms momentarily.

Patch notes

  • We’ve rebuilt the whole Workshop from the ground up, making it more spacious, streamlining the functionality of the various stations, and adding a bunch of other improvements
  • As part of the rebuild of the workshop, we’ve gone ahead and added a short tutorial to help new players get started with the basics of the game
  • A new arena has been discovered in The Beyond: Sanctum of Sahir. This map features 3 separate sections that the duel will progress through as a sandstorm and deadly poison sweep across the map. The battle begins outside a grand temple and ends within the burial chamber of a long forgotten king
  • New wand: Scarab of Sahir
  • You will now receive Spell Tokens for every level between 2-20, and 1 as part of the new game introduction. This will allow you to have every spell unlocked at level 20. Additionally, you will now gain 100 dust for the first match you play every day, the first match you win every day, and for every level beyond 20
  • The mask and outfit cosmetic items from before 1.4 have been replaced with 10 new unique characters. PLEASE NOTE: With the release of 1.4 all of the items in your inventory will be converted to the amount of dust it would have cost to craft them previously. That dust can be immediately spent to unlock the new items available in the workshop.
  • New animations, including new casting animations and a unique animation for each character
  • Improved UX when unlocking spells and items
  • Unlockable titles that players can select from to be displayed by their name
  • Easier access to Explore Arenas via the portal

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where preferred wand grip wouldn’t be saved and set properly
  • Fixed issue with hit response, both for reticle and opponent color flash
  • Disc of Antioch always bounce 5 times
  • Enemy teleportation trail not visible
  • Direct hits with Disc of Antioch inflict 0 damage
  • Shield does not block Twins projectiles
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t open the spell menu if switching between control schemes too fast