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Now live: – New character: Komuso

Komuso rules the Beyond combining his samurai past with his present as a Wielder. He hides his true identity through his straw bascinet previously given…

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Wands is a VR spell-flinging success — but we want more

Andreas Skoglund, CEO of Cortopia Studios speaks with GamesBeat about Wands and Cortopia’s future. Cortopia has been playing with magic since 2016. Its virtual reality…

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Update now live

With the recent release of our major update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir we’ve since then been hard at work improving on the feedback we’ve…

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Season 6 now live

The summer season (6) of Wands is now live and the leaderboard should now be completely reset. We’re excited to see how season 6 will…

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Update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir Now Available

We’re excited to announce that our brand new update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir is now available. The update will be rolled out across all…

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Top 10 wielders of Season 5

Announcing the top 10 wielders of season 5. For Season 5,  skilled wielders will be granted some very special rewards (titles, wand), see the chart…

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Announcing the end of Season 5

Wielder, Season 5 ends on June 24th and we’ll announce the winners shortly thereafter. For Season 5,  skilled wielders will be granted some very special…

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Wands Update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir Trailer

Check out our beautiful trailer of our upcoming update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir below.  The post Wands Update 1.4 – Sanctum of Sahir…

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Introducing the new workshop

Introducing our brand new workshop Our engineers, construction workers and wizards have been hard at work creating a brand new workshop. We’ve basically rebuilt the…

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The Sanctum of Sahir

New Arena: The Sanctum of Sahir A new arena has been discovered in the Beyond! This map features 3 separate sections that the duel will progress through…

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A Tale of Two Wands Updates

Hello fans of Wands, My name is Ryan Bednar and I recently joined the team at Cortopia as the Creative Director of the studio. Now…

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Wands – Patch 1.3.9 Now Live

Fresh out the Wands factory, we’ve just released our new update 1.3.9. With this update there’s several performance improvements, balance changes and bug fixes. Improvements…

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