Top 10 wielders of Season 8

Top 10 wielders of Season 8

2997 1994 Occy

With Season 8 in the books, we’d like to congratulate all the top finishers, especially after such a grueling, hard-fought, and record-setting season!!

  2. The_Vampire_King
  3. Carl4D
  4. heetae_son
  5. micael.audet
  6. Aayld
  7. megaseth
  8. jido-genshi
  9. Natejaymusic
  10. Leginigel

Rewards will be given out when Season 9 starts, on May 1, 2019.

  • The #1 player will earn the coveted ‘Season Champion’ title
  • The top 10 will all earn the Incivta wand, and the ‘Season 8 Master’ title
  • The top 100 will all earn the ‘Season 8 Veteran’ title

You can see the full top 20, as well as point totals and other statistics, at the new online leaderboard, by clicking here or by clicking on the ‘Leaderboard’ tab at the top of this page.