2018 Holiday Update

2018 Holiday Update

2018 Holiday Update 2288 1205 Cortopia

Hello Wielders,

The 2018 Holiday Update is here, and with it we’re adding a number of improvements to Wands!

First off, there are a pair of feedback related changes that are aimed at helping you keep track of how a duel is going during the heat of battle.

Part one is the addition of a HUD (or Heads Up Display) that will show you your health, mana, and spells, at all times during a match. And part two is a persistent health bar over your opponent, so that its easy to tell how close you are to victory.

Second, we’ve added a new control scheme called PRESS to the Go, Daydream, and MiVR platforms. This control scheme allows you to directly cast a spell by pressing the corresponding part of the touchpad. For example, if you have Hail of Death assigned as your right spell, pressing the right part of the touchpad will cast it. It’s as simple as that!

Third, we’ve made some significant improvements to how long it takes for the game to start up. And, while you wait, there’s now much more information about what’s actually being loaded.

You can find a full list of all the changes, including the balance updates and bugfixes, below.

See you in The Beyond!



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New features

  • In-Game HUD – Your spells, health, and mana are now always visible in the center of your view while in a match.
  • Overhead Opponent Health – The health of your opponent is now always visible above them.
  • New ‘Press’ Control Scheme – Allows you to cast spells directly with the touch-pad (Oculus GO, MiVR and Google). Teleport by trigger hold/release (Oculus GO, MiVR).

Improved features

  • You’ll now get into Wands faster! We reduced the startup time for the game, and we now give you information about what parts of the game are loading while you wait.

Game balancing

  • Mana regen rate increased to 10/s (from 8/s) during normal play, and 15/s (from 12/s) during the final minute
  • Decreased Phoenix’s max damage from 30 to 25, decreased min damage from 15 to 10, added constant splash damage of 10 and decreased damage increase per second from 5 to 3
  • Decreased Chilling Clutch’s fire rate from 5 to 2 per second
  • Reduced Hail of Death’s accuracy from long range; increased its accuracy from short range

Bug fixes

  • Improved the targeting behavior of The Vale’s crystal and addressed an exploit
  • Hail of Death and Blood Bolt can no longer fire two projectiles at once
  • You’re now correctly sent back to the workshop after losing your connection in the lobby or an arena
  • It should now be much less likely for more than 2 players try to connect to the same match
  • Daydream players can no longer prevent the countdown from starting