Here are some examples of effective loadouts AND the tactics that make them work.




Heavenly Dome
Magic Missile
Stone Demon
Soil Spikes

Attacking your opponent from multiple angles at once


  • Cast Demon on a tile where it can attack many other tiles and helps you control the center of the map
  • Play defensively when your mana is recharging from casting Demon. Retreat if necessary
  • Try to attack your opponent from a different angle than Demon so they can't keep track of both of you at the same time
  • If your opponent is using Shield of Light or Heavenly Dome to block the projectiles, use Soil Spikes to hit them while they’re blocking
  • Avoid wasting mana on teleport unless it gives you a positional advantage
  • Don't teleport onto your own Spikes!



Chaos Leap
Lightning Strike
Electric Fist
Blazing Meteor

Surprising your opponent with big damage


  • After casting Chaos Leap, find your opponent as quickly as possible so you can surprise them with an attack
  • Using Chaos Leap right when your opponent teleports makes it harder for them to keep track of you
  • If your opponent is far away, use Lightning Strike; if they're close, use Electric Fist; if they're around a corner, use Blazing Meteor
  • Be patient and unpredictable



Blood Bolt
Heavenly Dome
Armor of the Sun
Acid Cloud

Overwhelming your opponent with speed


  • Always have Armor on because it reduces the cost of Blood Bolt to 1 HP

  • Try to get close to your opponent and attack with Blood Bolt when they're vulnerable

  • Since your primary attack doesn't cost mana, you can confuse your opponent by teleporting frequently and unpredictably and firing Blood Bolt between each teleport

  • Watch out for Shield of Light when you're using Blood Bolt

  • Control far away pickup tiles with Acid Cloud and control close pickup tiles with Blood Bolt

  • If your opponent is keeping their distance, use Acid Cloud to make them teleport. If they teleport near you or if you can predict where they're going, you can do lots of damage with Blood Bolt

  • Heavenly Dome is necessary so you can defend yourself if your opponent uses Petrifying Prison