Patch 1.3.6

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New features
Introducing dynamic environments
Introducing In-game events
Added prompt when playing against a developer

New Spells
Disc of Antioch
Cerberus Collars

New vfx and sfx for Hail of Death
Removed muffled sfx when you're low on health
Improved distinction between colors on the wand mana bar
New effect on health pickups when you're cursed
Replaced red/blue screen flashes with less aggressive fade
Survival spell selection UI cleanup
Added button to display stats on the fly for gamepad users
Added option on Daydream to toggle grip between straight (wand) or slightly tilted (pistol)

Game balancing
Acid Cloud now destroys Twins
Summoned spells no longer rotate when imprisoned but they can fire
Phoenix costs more mana (35) and does more damage (15-30)

Bug fixes
Tile based spells are now more stable
Fixed bug where more than one player could enter a room
Fixed bug where match countdown wouldn't start
Starting Survival after pressing continue will reset HP and Mana properly
Hulk lightning strike visuals will now display even if they kill you
Fixed bug where your opponent's wand would appear backwards for Android players
Fixed bug where if you died when casting Calcite Shield in survival, it wouldn't disappear
When walking outside tile area in survival, the enemies will now target your collider.