Spell Balancing
-Increased Shield of Light's initial mana cost from 10 to 15
-Increased Magic Missile's mana cost from 12 to 15
-Decreased Stone Demon's health from 60 to 50
-Decreased Blood Bolt's cast cost from 4 to 3

-Added additional regions (cross region play is supported)
-Improved matchmaking
-General optimization update

Bug Fixes
-Players cannot occupy the same tile as Stone Demon or Oxymora
-Players will earn rating points if their opponent leaves
-Acid Cloud no longer appears to inflict damage through Armor of the Sun
-The first Flaming Phoenix will not fly through walls
-Soil Spikes works on Devils Twins
-Players cannot cast tile spells through moving objects
-Players aren't sent back to the workshop when loading a new level after a rematch