-Minor UI update in Workshop.

-Updated aim handler to improve accuracy.

-Added more ELO rating titles.

-Increased maximum pause time from 5 to 15 seconds.

-Back button no longer brings up options menu on match end.

-Minor optimization pass.


-Fixed bug where Stone Demon couldn't fire from certain tiles.

-Fixed bug where character customization options would not load properly between sessions.

-Fixed bug where the Scepter wand couldn't be used when selecting loadout.

-Fixed bug on Ortus Station where one pickup couldn't be picked up.

-Replaced faulty texture on Ortus Station.

-Fixed lighting on Dead Master's Vale.

-Fixed bug where Oxymora would take triple damage when hit by Blazing Meteor's splash damage.

-Fixed bug where wrong hurt sfx was playing.

-Fixed bug where players could jump through trains on Ortus station.

-Fixed bug with sfx only playing in one ear in Workshop.

-Fixed rendering issues with loadout selection in-game.

-Fixed bug with Armor of the Sun where it wouldn't highlight characters properly.

-Fixed bug where pressing the back button would result in some spells getting destroyed.

PATCHSigrid Svederoth