Wands®, the award winning, action-packed VR game is now releasing a new content package called ”Eastern Realms”. Eastern Realm is packed with new mind-blowing content such as new arenas, wielders, spells, clothes, masks, and more. The new features are fully compatible with the new Oculus controller which steps up game play to a whole new level. 

Wands® was recently awarded ”Best VR Game” at the International Mobile Gaming Awards Global in San Francisco. Game critics have been spell-bound by the immersive and graphic experience produced to date and now this new update brings with it a dynamic and explosive new edge. Hold onto your seat and get ready for a new breath-taking Wands experience! 
“We developed Wands out of pure passion, driven by our team’s creativity and enthusiasm, and now we have created an exceptional new season for the Wands game. We focused on quality, balance, and stunning visual effects to excite both our passionate community and those new to the VR experience,” Lisa Le Gresley, CEO. 
Wands is a truly immersive and interactive game where players enter their own Wands workshop and prepare their wand for battle, choosing from a range of magical spells. Once equipped and ready to battle, the next port is into The Beyond where anything can happen and there are no limits. Now The Beyond is filled with more mysterious spells, abstract relics and immoral wielders than ever. 

Wands is a multiplayer game which is both social and engaging specially by using the spectator mode. Wands is available on Oculus  for $5.99 and is rated PEGI 12.
About the Game and Team
The WANDS® team is made of top industry experts in gaming, films, and VR applications with many years proven experience.  Wands has been a top selling and featured game on Oculus Gear VR since it first launched in August 2016. It has sold more than 150,000 copies since its release.