Patch 1.3.4

Wands is now available on Steam!!

New features

Improved features
-Clearer info in the Workshop portal
-Major optimization pass on all levels
-Improved graphics for all HP bars

Game balancing
-Chaos Leap will no longer avoid compromised tiles and it will no longer show the purple trail
-Devil's Spit now accelerates when airborne to double its original speed

-Reduced Lightning Strike's charge time from 2 to 1.5 seconds
-Flaming Phoenix

--Reduced mana cost from 45 to 25
--Changed damage range from 16-60 to 10-25
-Dragon's Breath
--Increased range from 15 to 25 meters
--Changed damage range from 8-22 to 10-20 per second
--Increased flame speed
--Improved hit detection

Bug fixes
-Lightning Strike now damages your opponent
-Fixed visual issue with Dragon's Breath on Temple of Ophidian
-Fixed issue where Chaos Leap would stop working after trying to cast it without enough mana
-Match will now proceed properly to Lobby if match ends in draw
-The remaining player can now retrieve pickups as intended after two players tried to enter the same tile
-Exploration no longer counts as a match, you won't take damage and it won't end after 3.5 minutes
-Fixed issue where game would crash if trying to bring up menu in Lobby on Daydream
-Repaired sound effects for the trains on Ortus Station
-Improved recovery on connection failed in the Workshop