Patch 1.3.2

This patch has balance changes, bug fixes, and various improvements on multiple platforms. We hope that this patch will improve the experience for all players!

New Features
-New optional control scheme for remotes on Gear VR, Daydream and Pico
-New teleport effect
-Hold X or A to recenter on Rift
-Invite system added to Gear VR

-Remote is more responsive on Daydream
-Invite system improved on Rift
-Major overhaul to Ortus Station

-Oxymora's health starts at 100 instead of 150, it takes 5 damage for each projectile it fires, it does 10 damage instead of 8, and it heals 5 HP instead of 8
-Acid Cloud has a 1 second delay before it starts inflicting damage when cast directly on a player. Its damage starts at 4 per second instead of 2
-Petrifying Prison lasts 5 seconds instead of 8, and its mana cost has been increased from 20 to 30
-Curse of the Undead works through Armor instead of immediately breaking it. If you try to heal while Cursed and wearing Armor, you take 30% damage and your Armor breaks

Bug Fixes
-Opponent won't appear to stay on their starting tile the entire game
-Players and summons are less likely to end up on the same tile
-Armor no longer breaks when you get hit while teleporting
-Oxymora does not take damage twice when it shoots a projectile
-When both players have equal health and deal the same amount of damage, matches will end in a draw
-You can leave the game if you lose your Internet connection