WANDS®, the award winning, action-packed VR game is now releasing a new content package called ”Eastern Realms”. Eastern Realm is packed with new mind-blowing content such as new arenas, wielders, spells, clothes, masks, and more. The new features are fully compatible with the new Oculus controller which steps up game play to a whole new level. 

Game critics have been spell-bound by the immersive and graphic experience produced to date and now this new update brings with it a dynamic and explosive new edge. Hold onto your seat and get ready for a new breath-taking Wands experience! 

Wands Screenshot (1).jpg

Take on the role as a mysterious Wielder in an alternate 1880's London. Equip your wand with a wide variety of spells and battle other Wielders for fame, power and glory in the fantastic realms of The Beyond. Explore new spells and practice your skills in your secret workshop in between battles.

WANDS® is a first-person fully mobile VR experience that offers fast paced magic duels against other players online. Progress and unlock new spells by winning battles and choose your own strategic playing style to defeat your opponents. WANDS® is a first-person mobile VR experience that offers fast paced magic duels against other players online. WANDS® was awarded with Best VR Game 2016 in March 2017 at the International Mobile Gaming Awards.




  • Wands for the Samsung Gear VR looks too good to be on mobile /.../ The gameplay looks interesting, the visuals look incredible, and the online wizard battles could be one of the most interesting multiplayer offerings on the Gear to date.
    — Joe Durbin, UploadVR
  • Wands feels like a perfect blend between the intensity of a competitive arena game and the immersive experience only virtual reality can offer. Jumping in and playing is a breeze thanks to the intuitive VR controls, yet there is great depth and strategy to mater in the many different combinations of spells.
    — Erik Ortman, Lead User Interface Designer for Battlefield 1
  • For being an entirely mobile game run on smartphones, Wands is unbelievably nuanced. Two years of rigorous product testing has paid off; Wands is without question the best-looking game for the Gear.
    — Jesse Damiani, The Huffington Post
  • The game looks bloody gorgeous with magnificent environments, special effects and above all, great competitive VR gaming experience.
    — VR Games
  • We’ve all picked up a pencil when no one’s looking and waved it around trying to make an object float, or turn an enemy into a frog. Wands captures that childlike dream of wizardry and translates it into a truly fun and creative Gear VR experience.
    — UploadVR
  • The quality of the $6 experience is great, especially for a mobile VR game. It feels magical. Not only can you play, but you can also be a spectator, watching a match and competing against friends on a leaderboard.
    — Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat
  • As the name suggests, it promises to give you a magical experience and take you back the days of 1880’s in London. You can earn wide range of spells in this fantasy world. Ideal for kids who grow up watching Harry Potter!
    — Jayesh Purohit, Indabaa