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Wands is an online competitive VR game. It's easy to learn but surprisingly deep, and it's tons of fun.


Making a wand
You can choose any combination of four relics (aka spells) to put in your wand, which you'll use to duel other players. The combination you choose is called your loadout. You start off with only 5 spells to choose from, but you'll unlock more spells as you play. There are a total of 21 different spells, which means 5985 different combinations are possible! 

Each spell has its own strengths and weaknesses. It's a good idea to figure out which spells compliment each other and to use them together. Every spell (even Teleport) costs mana to cast. Mana recharges somewhat slowly (8 per second), so you must choose when to cast your spells wisely! You can learn about each spell's stats by checking out the spell comparison chart.

Duels take place in one of five different arenas in The Beyond. You'll enter one of these arenas after selecting "Competitive Duel" or "Friendly Duel". You start every match with 100 health (HP) and 100 mana, represented by the red and blue bars, respectively. Most spells hurt your opponent when they land (lowering their HP) . Other spells can be used defensively to prevent your opponent from hurting you. Whoever gets their opponent's HP down to 0 first wins the game. If neither player has been defeated after 3:30, whoever has the most HP remaining gets the win. 

Each arena has 3 pickups. You use one by aiming at it for two seconds, and it will restore 15 HP. The pickup disappears after it's been used, but another one will appear in the same location 45 seconds later. During the final minute of each match, there are no pickups and your mana recharges faster.

There are three different ways to control the game on Gear VR: touchpad, remote, and gamepad. It's possible to get very good with any of them, but most players agree that using a gamepad gives you an edge. On Daydream, you can only control the game with the remote.

The more you play and the better you perform, the faster your level will rise. Win or lose, you earn experience points (XP) at the end of every game. Once you earn a certain amount of XP (which you can see in the Profile section of the blackboard), you'll level up and get a reward. You'll get additional XP for certain accomplishments, such as winning the game, landing the first hit, or winning without taking damage.


Loot Cache: These are the icosahedrons that you open in the Wardrobe. They contain wearable items or relic dust (which can be used to purchase wearable items). You get one Loot Cache every time you level up.

Spell Token: These are used to unlock any new spell of your choice.

New Loadout: The two wands resting against the workbench will eventually become unlocked, which will allow you to change loadouts between games.
Level 2: Spell Token
Level 4: Spell Token
Level 6: Spell Token
Level 8: Spell Token
Level 10: Second Loadout
Level 12: Spell Token
Level 14: Spell Token
Level 16: Spell Token
Level 18: Spell Token
Level 20: Third Loadout
Level 22: Spell Token
Level 24: Spell Token
Level 26: Spell Token
Level 28: Spell Token
Level 30: Spell Token
Level 32: Spell Token
Level 34: Spell Token
Level 36: Spell Token
Level 100: Secret Character

Your rating indicates how skilled you are. The more games you play, the more accurate your rating becomes. Unlike your level, your rating will go down when you lose. Rankings on the leaderboard are determined by rating, not level, so if you want to climb to the top of the leaderboard, you need to focus on improving your skills, not just playing a bunch of games. Your title is also based on your rating.


Competitive vs Friendly Duels
When you select Competitive Duel, you'll be matched up against whoever happens to be waiting for an opponent. The result of the game will usually affect your rating (unless it's the off-season). This is the more popular option and where you're most likely to find an opponent.
In Friendly Duels, your rating is unaffected. You must choose whether to host or join a duel, which allows you to choose an opponent instead of being matched up against whoever is waiting.

You can watch live games on the Spectator site. It's very useful for finding opponents and for watching experienced players to learn their tricks. And you can join the Wands Discord Server to find opponents or just chat about the game.