CTO / Technical Director

Work description

A senior technical magician with a broad skill set that has the ability to oversee all technical areas of the studio. This role will be expected to secure great quality in everything both inside our games and our organisation not by necessarily doing them by their self but understanding what needs to be done, figuring out the best approach and work with the team to drive for the best possible solution. We are looking for an individual that does not understand the meaning of “this cannot be done!” and that will work strategically and passionately to make the impossible possible in areas like: Gameplay, backend services, data tracking / insights and load performance in both current and emerging technologies. This role will also be responsible for guiding, supporting and helping the rest of the tech team to grow

Daily tasks

  • Educate and guide the engineering team in problem solving¬†
  • Work to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Evaluate and pracitcalize new emerging technologies within VR/AR/Networking etc.
  • Maintain holistic technical overview of the games, internal services and the external features
  • Coordinate feature planning and execution


  • Experience in working with strategies around robustness and scaleability¬†
  • Master in Computer science or similar
  • Experience building real time games in Unity (C#)
  • Experience building and maintaining backend systems – Persistence, messaging, matchmaking and monitoring
  • Experience in growing and educating other people

Personal traits

  • Teambuilder
  • Nothing is impossible-mindset
  • Drive to break new grounds
  • Problem solver
  • Long term interest in technology
  • Gets things done and not afraid to get your hands dirty

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